From hoof cancer to healthy hooves! – SEE HOW

Fra hovkræft til sunde hove

Maja Petersen (26) from Esbjerg (Denmark), has ridden since she was very young. Today she trains her two horses Rolex and Dexter, which the family has bred themselves. Maja has trained the horses from a very young age to where they are today, with countless participations in everything from LA to GrandPrix, the Danish Championships, the ECCO cup finals, international rankings and Nordic Championships.

Unfortunately, Dexter has been suffering from a severe degree of thrush for a long time. This has led to a fear of hoof cancer.

Today, Dexter’s hooves are healthy and strong after treating the condition with PREVENT.

Maja says:

“I was almost certain that Dexter’s thrush was about to end in hoof cancer, but after using PREVENT there was rapid improvement. Today, I only use PREVENT for prevention, as we no longer suffer from thrush! ”

Below are the pictures of Dexter’s hooves from before the treatment, and again after the treatment with PREVENT.


hoof cancerthrush



PREVENT 350 g.
PREVENT is a fine powder product designed to prevent grease heels, thrush and other bacteria and fungus-like afflictions. PREVENT is a bacteria inhibitor and moisture absorbent, aiding in creating an environment where mites and bacteria can’t survive.

Prevention: Wash legs and feet, so they are free of mud and dirt. Apply PREVENT at exposed areas around the fetlock and foot. It is recommended to apply a generous layer, so the product is clearly visible on the fetlock and foot. Let the product stay, it will fall off by itself later. It is recommended that the horse be put on box after application and overnight.

Rep eat the process twice a week to ensure the best possible prevention.

In the event of an outbreak of mud fever or thrush, the product should be used once a day until the desired effect is achieved.

prevent hoof


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