EQUUS CURA has a wide selection of dealers in Europe. On this page you can find your nearest dealer of our products. We work with selected retailers, all of whom provide good service and customer service either in their physical store or on their webshop.

If you run your own riding equipment store, feed, or something completely different, and you want to become a dealer of EQUUS CURA´’s products, you are very welcome to contact us and hear more about the possibilities at We put a virtue in thorough presentation of our products so that our dealers can advise you on the best possible.

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A&A Rideudstyr

Christian X´s Vej 9A
6100 Haderslev

BB Horses

Ringstedvej 252
4300 Holbæk

Blue Eye Animal

Strucks Alle 4
6270 Tønder

Clean Horse

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Hesteterapi og webshop

Fyns Rideudstyr

Rugårdsvej 910
5471 Søndersø

Groomers Horse

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Horse Fashion

Krebsen 11
9200 Aalborg SV


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Helles Rideudstyr

Borgpladsen 2
6800 Varde

Højlund Mølle

Ørbækvej 268A 
5892 Gudbjerg 

Happy Horse

Skærbæk Havnegade 30
7000 Fredericia

Jessens Rideudstyr

H.C. Ørstedsvej 10
6000 Kolding


Fuglebjerglundvej 7
4250 Fuglebjerg

Kirstineholm Rideudstyr

Nordlige Bjergevej 9
8270 Højbjerg

Lang & Lang

Bredgade 12
8560 Kolind

LJ Rideudstyr

Winthersmindevej 60
2635 Ishøj


Trehøjevej 41
4070 Kirke Hyllinge

Noble Ride

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Rytter Shoppen

Ørbækvej 268A
5892 Gudbjerg

Rytterhuset Viborg

Koldingvej 217
8800 Viborg


Engdahlsvej 12 B
7400 Herning


Håndværkervej 10
8643 Ans

Støvlsig Hestefoder

Virkelyst 25B
9400 Nørresundby


Høsterkøbvej 52
2970 Hørsholm

Unicon Ridesport

Hjermvej 10
7500 Holstebro

Uniq Horse

Vibækvej 23
6740 Bramming

Ved Stalden

Gentoftegade 55
2820 Gentofte

Vedsted Mølle 

Tøndervej 31, Vedsted
6500 Vojens



Rudsletta 42
1351 RUD


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MT Equestrian

Fv115 12
2840 Reinsvoll



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LBF Equestrian


Österbyn 167
79023 Svärdsjö


Hypo Store

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Ruitersport Katerborg

Stieltjeskanaal 128
7756 PG Stieltjeskanaal


Hotte Maxe

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Von Handgemacht

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Have we overlooked a dealer? If you think that your local or favorite store should have EQUUS CURA´s products in their range, please send a hint. We want to be where our customers are, so we listen to your recommendations!

If we are not yet in your city or country, you can always order our products online with us. We deliver free of charge to the whole EU for purchases over DDK 399.00 or EUR 55.00. When you shop directly with us, we ensure fast delivery, exclusive packaging and a small snack for your horse.

With us you will also find a selection of 2nd grade items, which are sold at a reduced price. The products do not fail, but the cardboard box may be damaged, the label crumpled or a shorter expiration date. To protect the environment and reduce waste, these products are sold at a reduced price.