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At EQUUS CURA we have created a selection of the best care products for horses. The products are produced based on nature’s best raw materials, to ensure you and your horse the best quality. When you choose a product from EQUUS CURA, you choose the Danish care for nature and quality. All products are developed and produced in Denmark, and therefore meets all Danish standards and requirements.

All products are FEI approved, which means they do not contain anything from the doping list.

This means that our products are for everyone, regardless of whether you are active in competitions or a dedicated horse owner, who always wants the best for your horse.

You should never compromise on care products! - Choose care products for your horse from EQUUS CURA.

If you need help or guidance, we are always ready to help you. Contact us here. We ensure a fast and personal service, where advice and personal guidance is paramount. We are experts on thrush, grease heel, wound care, various skin problems, rehabilitation, and how to achieve the most beautiful and shiny coat!

On this page you will find a selection of care products for horses, which prevents and inhibits the formation of thrush, grease heel, summer eczema and more. In addition, you will find CURA NO. 1, which is an absolutely, fantastic horse shampoo with 70% Aloe Vera. The horse shampoo can also be used by humans.

EQUUS CURA means care for horses and our products are made with care for your horse. Gentle and effective products, without the use of harmful chemicals. The care products are developed with a focus on effective and gentle treatment of your horse, without causing soreness or discomfort. Furthermore, the products are extremely user-friendly and easy to handle, dispense and apply.

Under each product there is a datasheet, where you can find further information about the products. Watch our short demonstration videos and learn more about the use of each product.