Summer package – For washing and itching

Summer package for the horse which offers a shiny clean and well-groomed horse, without irritations and itching – Give your horse a stress free summer!

439,00 kr.

Summer package – For washing and itching

Delicious package for the horse which consists of our two summer bestsellers!

The package contains our popular horse shampoo CURA No. 1, which contains as much as 70% Aloe Vera, which cares for and reduces itching, irritation and dry skin after washing. In addition, it provides a lot of moisture and nourishment to the horse’s fur, leaving it soft and shiny.

SHIELD is a unique product that significantly reduces claws. The product is developed for summer eczema and similar irritations such as itching. The product is sprayed directly into the mane and tail, or the places where the horse itches. The effect is seen quickly. The product must be applied daily for optimal effect.

Weight 1500 g