Winter package – Against mud fever and wounds

Winter package for mud fever, thrush, wounds and scratches. Everything you need to secure your horse in the winter. The package consists of both WOUND and PREVENT

375,00 kr.

Winter package – Against mud fever and wounds

In the autumn and winter there is a risk that the horse will form a mud fever / thrush. We also see a tendency in horses that go on a fold with a friend that in the winter half of the year there is an increased risk of wounds and scratches. This is often due to the grass disappearing and then they start playing on the fold instead.

We have therefore made a winter package, just like our popular summer package. This package consists of two products, namely our bestseller PREVENT, and our popular WOUND.


PREVENT is an innovative product for the treatment and prevention of mud fever and thrush. The product has bactericidal properties and is highly moisture-absorbing, which creates an environment where bacteria and mites do not thrive, and thus prevents outbreaks of mud fever and thrush. PREVENT removes moisture and thus the cause of soft and acidic jet formation – That’s why PREVENT works!


WOUND is a care product for horses and contains natural essential oil, extracted from natural herbs. WOUND ensures gentle care of wounds and scratches and helps the skin to heal.

Weight 1500 g