Mud fever in horses

What is mud fever? Mud fever in horses is a term for an infection that often [...]

From hoof cancer to healthy hooves! – SEE HOW

Maja Petersen (26) from Esbjerg (Denmark), has ridden since she was very young. Today she [...]


EQUUS CURA is a Danish company, which ensures products of the highest quality. All products are produced and developed according to Danish standards. We intend to support Danish companies, large and small, which is why packaging, labels, cardboard boxes, development and production are also produced by Danish companies.

When you buy products from EQUUS CURA, you support a large number of Danish companies, and thereby contribute to employment in Denmark. EQUUS CURA means care for horses, but when you buy our products, you not only care for your horse – but for the small, local companies as well. Buy your care products here.


The design is inspired by the Nordic style, with a selection of nature’s colors. The minimalist style is a recurring theme in the company. Everything superfluous is cut away, leaving us with only the clean item and the clean design.

The colors are inspired by the Nordic nature. The blue-green colors found on MUSCLE and WOUND are inspired by the sea and the Danish pine forests. The yellow, beige and pink shades that adorn SHIELD, PREVENT and CURA No. 1, is found in the sky at both sunrise and sunset.

The natural colors are a recurring theme throughout the company’s design.


We take care of the environment! That’s why our packaging is made from recyclable materials. The packaging is made of recyclable plastic *, both bottle and spout, and can therefore be easily sorted as hard plastic. The labels are also made of a durable plastic material, which makes the product appear neat and can be easily recycled after use in the barn. The labels are sorted together with the plastic packaging.

* WOUND is made of glass, which is also recyclable.

All products are packed in delicate cardboard boxes, which are produced under environmentally friendly conditions in Denmark. The cardboard boxes are sorted as cardboard.

Sort the packaging from your care products correctly and give the environment a helping hand!


Mud fever is a known disorder in horses in Europe. Especially in the northern part, where the weather is more changeable than elsewhere. Mud fever in horses often occurs when the horses spend many hours in a humid environment. The moisture makes the skin vulnerable and porous, this can cause minor tears where bacteria can propagate.

Mud fever is easily treated with PREVENT, which is a chemical-free product based on natural ingredients. PREVENT is applied directly on top of the affected area, daily until the desired effect is achieved. Use the product 2-3 times a week if you want to prevent outbreaks.


Soft and sour frog often occurs for the same reason, however, thrush is more frequent in horses, as the frog always faces down towards the moist soil. Thrush as it is called, has the name as it emits a sour smell from the horse’s hoof. You will typically discover the smell when cleaning the horse’s hooves.

You can easily and effectively get rid of thrush with PREVENT. The powder penetrates into the jet and dries from the inside. This creates a dry environment where bacteria do not thrive. Apply the product daily in case of breakouts or preventative 2-3 times a week.


ALL horse owners fear it. The horse’s tail itches and the horse stands and scratches up against the box for hours. When that happens, you know summer is on its way. In May, the first mites hatch, the mites bite into the skin and hair, and their saliva creates an allergic reaction. This allergic reaction creates itching and irritation in the horses, better known as summer eczema.

It is a good idea to prevent this itchy condition in your horse as it can cause a stressed and uncomfortable horse, both on the paddock and during riding. Prevent with SHIELD.


One would think the horse was invented for humans. At least we have been taking advantage of their speed and their enormous strength for many years. Today mostly as a classic riding horse. We humans have domesticated the horse and therefore we owe it to them to take good care of them! We do this best by strengthening the horse using its nature.

Many hours on fold gives a stronger and more durable riding horse, with fewer injuries and at the same time give the horse more feeling and precision with its steps and gaits.


With us you will find the best care products from EQUUS CURA. The selection is not large, but we are constantly working to develop new exciting care products for your horse.

However, our philosophy is, “rather one new good product a year, than 10 mediocre”. Therefore, it takes time, just as we take the time to develop and test the best formulas. Before the products are released to the market, they are sent out to volunteer users, who test the products and provide feedback on the effect and user-friendliness.

We believe that together we create the best solutions for our horses.


Louise Veirup, who owns EQUUS CURA, has over 15 years of experience with horses. Despite an education in the financial sector, she has thrown herself into the chemical world and now produces grooming products for horses. Louise shares the same problems that many horse owners know on a daily basis.

We know all the days in the stable. With approx. 10% of the time takes place on horseback. The vast majority of time is spent mowing, grooming and general care of the horse, stable and equipment. Therefore, horse care must be easy, fast and efficient so that we can spend time on what is really fun!


The idea for ​​PREVENT arose one summer day when the field was dusty, the horses was on grass and the muck were gone! All winter I (Louise) had been struggling with mud fever, and suddenly, as the season changed and the weather dried up, the problem stopped. That day it struck me that if I could make a horse care product that creates a dry environment in the humid winter months, I might be able to completely avoid outbreaks of mud fever.

After the idea arose, I started my search for partners and 1.5 years later, in September 2018, PREVENT was ready for launch throughout Denmark. Today, several horse owners use PREVENT against mud fever and thrush.


EQUUS CURA has developed a horse shampoo which is actually also great for humans. The shampoo is called CURA NO. 1, and is the first product in the CURA series, which in the long run will consist of several unique care products.

CURA NO. 1 is a 70% Aloe Vera shampoo which gives a nice shine to the horse’s fur. The horse shampoo adds moisture and cares for the horse’s skin from the inside. This gives a soft, healthy coat, without drying out. With this shampoo you reduce itching and irritation in the coat, as well as the formation of dandruff.

With this shampoo you do not need any showshine or conditioner, the shampoo gives both shine and makes man and tail easy to comb out.


The tail has many more functions than just chasing annoying flies and insects. The horse has many joints, and can swing in all directions.

The horse uses the tail to signal to the environment how it is feeling. The tail is thus an important part of the horse’s language. The horse can e.g. stick the tail between the legs if it is scared and / or inferior.

A tail that whips from side to side means that the horse is irritated or confused. This can sometimes be seen during riding, where the horse whips vigorously with its tail. This means that the horse has tension as a result of something bothering it.

Get wiser on the horse’s tail here.


If you need help, you are always welcome to contact me. I am ready to help with advice and guidance about disorders and / or the products. The welfare of the horses means everything to me, and I am passionate about creating care products that can prevent recurring problems, or eliminate existing problems quickly and painlessly.

I constantly go out of my way to improve my skills in nature’s resources and the welfare of the horse, so that I can answer all your questions. Whether you write by email, call me, send an SMS or catch me on Facebook or Instagram, you will get a personal answer back as soon as possible!


EQUUS CURA sponsors and supports large and small events and riders all over Denmark. We intend to embrace broadly and do not distinguish between the sizes of the clubs or the nature of the rallies. If your club wants a sponsorship, we are happy to have a dialogue with you about the possibilities.

Are you an ambitious rider and are you active on social media? We have a set ambassador program for you, which you can access when you have a minimum of 500 followers on social media. If you would like to know more about the possibilities of becoming an ambassador for EQUUS CURA, send an email to info@equuscura.dk.


If you have a horse with white markings on its legs, or perhaps have a completely moldy horse, you may know this problem. It is ALWAYS the white leg (s) that are affected by mud fever! – But why?

There is no single explanation, but it is believed that the lack of color pigment makes the skin extra vulnerable. Therefore, if you have a horse with white legs, you need to be extra careful with prevention if you want to give your horse a winter semester without mud fever.

Prevent outbreaks of mud fever with EQUUS CURA´s PREVENT, easily and effectively.


With us, you will not find the market’s cheapest care products, but you will find reliable and effective products that do not promise more than they can keep. The products are made from natural, quality raw materials, which is either produced or processed in Denmark.

Cheap care products are not necessarily cheaper…

There is a difference in how expensive the products are. Therefore, it may not always pay to buy cheaper. Our products require only a little at a time, and so go a long way. Let’s assume you want to prevent outbreaks of muk, then you can calculate approx. 1-2 buckets of PREVENT 350g. for a season.


We have the world’s best followers on social media, which means that we share users’ photos, reviews and stories several times a week. You are always welcome to share your photos with us, use #equuscura or tag us on your photos. We love to see your pictures and it always brings a smile to us when a user has had a good experience with our products.

When you tag us, we reserve the right to share the photos in our feed, where we of course tag you back. This exposes your profile to thousands of followers.


Saturday in week 40 is Pink Saturday, where the charity for the danish charity “Støt Brysterne” (Support the breasts) against breastcancer runs. We want to support this charity, and therefore hold an annual online ride, where the profits go to “Støt Brysterne”. The first ride was established in 2020. All participants will be rewarded with a beautiful rosette in “Støt Brysterne” design.

In the equestrian sport, there is a marked predominance of women who are either themselves at risk of developing breast cancer, or have a close riding friend who is. Therefore, we have a responsibility to contribute to the fight against this disease.


EQUUS CURA plans online distance riding several times a year for the whole family, where all horse lovers can get their hands on beautiful rosettes for their presentation! We strive to make rides for everyone, whether you want a nice walk in the woods, or are a competition rider who wants to go out and chase places! For all our rides we have a draw where we throw a new prize in the pool per. 50 participants. This is everything from products to blankets, bridles, clothes and underlays.

Our ride is announced publicly via an event on Facebook, so follow us on Facebook to see our ride.


EQUUS CURA are care products for everyone. A young agile company like EQUUS CURA has the opportunity to influence users’ production. That is why we work closely with our customers on the development of new care products.

Once new products are developed, they are tested by arbitrary and voluntary horse owners. Their user experience and feedback is used to refine and adjust the form before the final product is sent to the market. This is a slow process that often takes several years. That is why we do not launch new products as often, but when we do, we are sure of the results.

Together we create the best solutions for our horses!


In the wild, the horses clean their fur by rolling in the ground, rubbing themselves against trees, etc. When we keep riding horses, we take them out of their natural environment and wrap them in blankets, blankets, mats, bandages, etc. When we ride our horses and it starts to sweat, you create a humid and warm environment under e.g. the saddle pad.

It may therefore be a good idea to wash your horse after a sweaty workout. This helps prevent skin problems and irritations. You can either rinse your horse in water, or use a good horse shampoo.


How often do you wash your horse’s pad? Guaranteed not often enough. It is recommended that the surface be changed and washed every time it has become damp from sweat. Sweat is waste products that the horse excretes during riding. It is absorbed by the substrate and helps to make it stiff. When a sweaty surface is used again and again, you create a perfect environment for bacteria. In addition, the rigid pad can leave marks on the horse’s back, or in the worst case, make the horse sore, as the pad is no longer flexible and follows the horse’s movements.

Remember that surfaces must be washed in allergy-tested detergent without perfume.


The riding horse is a great pleaser. It does everything it can to satisfy its rider. It is therefore important that you summer rider make sure to keep your horse happy and motivated in the equestrian sport. There are several options when you want a happy horse. Here are a few of them.

Firstly, horses are a herd animal, so good playmates in the paddock make the horse happy and at the same time strengthen their joints and tendons when they play on the paddock. In addition, varied training can be a good idea. Special dressage riders get stuck in daily dressage training, but how about moving the dressage training in the woods, or combining it with a small obstacle?


Horses can have allergies just like humans and other animals. However, it can be difficult as a horse owner to detect allergies in horses if you do not know the most common symptoms. The most common symptoms of allergy in horses are i.a. hives, rash often seen as open or bleeding sores, hair loss on body or man / tail, cough, itching (often along man, tail and back), runny nose.

If you experience any of these symptoms, it is important that you contact your veterinarian to find out if it is an allergy or something else. Be aware that certain care products can cause allergies.


Our care products are all tested on FEI’s anti-doping list. None of our products contain anything from this list. This means that all the products can be used before, during and after rallies. However, MUSCLE is in a gray zone as it contains menthol, which according to the negative list is not banned if used properly.

MUSCLE should be used for recovery of muscles and tendons, but may cause increased respiration if applied close to the horse’s nostril. This is exactly what is considered a gray area at FEI.

We therefore recommend that you do not use MUSCLE 24 hours before the horse has to go through a possible VET check before the show starts.


At larger FEI competitions, it is customary for the horses to undergo a so-called VET check, where an approved FEI veterinarian assesses the horse’s health condition. If the horse is not completely tip-top, then the horse comes in a so-called holding box, where the horse’s hooves and legs can be examined further. After further examination, the veterinarian assesses whether the horse can participate in the competition or not. Even if the horse is approved for the start, the vet keeps an extra eye on the horse during the show so that it can be taken out if the slightest doubt arises.

Veterinarians are also present to treat minor injuries and small scratches that may occur during the conventions.


There are many ointments on the market that have an effect against mud fever. But you should consider switching to a powder product like PREVENT instead. Here are some good reasons why.

When you apply an ointment on mud fever, you maintain a moist environment where bacteria and mites thrive. Especially when the ointment is warmed up by the horse’s body temperature. The ointment therefore needs to contain some disinfectants that can combat these.

Instead of using a disinfectant ointment, you can instead use a dry powder product like PREVENT, which dries out and creates an environment where bacteria and mites do not thrive.

EQUUS CURA means care for horses – and our care products are made with care for your horse! EQUUS CURA is a Danish company that produces care products for horses of the highest quality. The products are completely free of harmful chemicals for the benefit of you, your horse and our environment. The products are developed in close collaboration with you as a consumer, which is why we always like to receive your feedback, suggestions and wishes for future products.