Equus Cura Teddy Bear

Buy the cutest little soft teddy bear with a red hoodie with the Equus Cura logo.

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Equus Cura – Teddy Bear

Cute little teddy bear with Equus Cura logo and red hooded sweatshirts. The perfect show mascot, or for those who love teddy bears.

The teddy bear measures approx. 10 cm in height and is made of a soft material without the use of harmful substances.


This little teddy bear will create joy in both big and small. Everyone loves teddy bears, and we have probably all had one that meant a lot to one. Teddy bears are the most used “toy” in all of Denmark, and it is not so strange to understand. Teddy bears are good to sleep with, easy to put on clothes, and then they can be with one everywhere. This little bear can special as it does not take up much space. It is therefore the perfect little mascot to have in the grooming bag.

Weight 50 g