CURA No. 1 – Horse shampoo with 70% Aloe Vera

CURA No. 1 is not just a regular shampoo for horses. The shampoo has a high natural pure Aloe Vera content. This ensures optimal moisturising and care of the horse’s coat and skin during washing. CURA No. 1 gives your horse a shiny and soft coat without causing skin irritation. It is always important to thoroughly rinse the shampoo out of the coat, mane and tail, but due to the high content of Aloe Vera, itching and irritation are avoided if there is any residue left.

  • Contains 70% Aloe Vera
  • Gives a shiny and soft coat
  • Reduces itching and irritation
  • Durable when used
  • 500 ml.


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CURA NO. 1 – Horse shampoo with 70% Aloe Vera

CURA No. 1 is not just a normal shampoo for horses. The shampoo has a high content of naturally pure Aloe Vera. This ensures optimal moisture and care of the horse’s fur and skin during washing. With CURA No. 1, your horse gets a shiny and soft coat without creating skin irritations.

  • Contains 70% Aloe Vera
  • Gives shiny and soft fur
  • Reduces itching and irritation
  • Delay in use
  • 500 ml

CURA NO. 1 is the only one of EQUUS CURA´’s products to which a mild perfume has been added. This is due to the high content of Aloe Vera, which can have a rancid odor.


Rinse the horse with clean tempered water. Apply the product on damp fur, as well as mane and tail. Massage it in and rinse thoroughly with a clean wipe. The product can advantageously be applied with a sponge.



Especially show horses are often washed and this can make their fur and skin dry and irritated. But whether you wash your horses often or only occasionally, it is important to use a shampoo with a high care content, just like CURA NO. 1.

When we wash our horses, we remove a natural layer of fat in the horse’s fur. This layer makes the coat more resistant to e.g. rainwater, but in addition it also helps to keep the skin moist and healthy. Ordinary horse shampoos are made to degrease and clean the coat, but when you wash with CURA NO. 1, which consists of as much as 70% Aloe Vera, you give the moisture back to the horse.

The shampoo consists more of “cream” than of raw soap, which ensures plenty of moisture and care for the coat.



End with the classic showshine! When choosing a shampoo with care, showshine is completely superfluous. CURA NO. Gives both shine and makes man and tail easy to sort out. Even white horses get shiny clean.

The shampoo is ideal for you who want a clean and shiny horse!

Whether your horse is white, black, red, yellow or something completely fifth, you can use CURA NO. There are a myriad of color shampoos for horses, but only the blue shampoo for white horses has a proven effect, as blue reduces yellowish shades.

There is therefore no reason to buy yourself poor in different shampoos for different horses. In fact, you can settle for one!



Most horse shampoos can be used for human hair, but you must NOT use a human shampoo for your horse. The shampoos we use for our own hair are packed with chemicals and perfumes, things that our horses may be allergic to. Therefore, choose a shampoo with a minimum of chemicals and additives when choosing horse shampoo.

CURA NO. 1er ideal for horses, dogs, cats and humans! The mild perfume and the high content of Aloe Vera, leaves all hair types well-groomed and shiny.



By nature, horses keep their fur clean by rolling and rubbing each other, but why should we wash our horse?

When we use our horse as a riding horse, we use various equipment such as blankets, pads, gaiters, bandages, etc. This is contrary to the nature of the horse. We also give our horses blankets when they come out in the winter or in the rain, all this helps to prevent the horse from cleaning its own fur.

It may therefore be a good idea to give the horse a wash every now and then. A bathing trip helps to prevent chafing, irritation, dandruff and the development of fungus.



There is almost always a reason for the horse to scratch its tail. Sometimes it can be an allergic reaction from the middle bite, or stings from other insects, while other times it can be due to dry and irritated skin. By the latter, you can do a lot by adding a lot of care to the horse’s tail root.

Typically, dry and irritated skin will form a kind of dandruff that will only irritate the horse further. Therefore, you can advantageously wash the tail root thoroughly with CURA NO. 1, which adds a lot of moisture and thereby reduces the formation of dandruff.

If the horse is very irritated by tail itching, you can use an antipruritic spray such as SHIELD until you have mastered dandruff and itching.



The classic hairstyle horses tail, is clearly inspired by the horse’s tail. Funnily enough, the horse tail is the preferred hairstyle for long-haired horse girls, as it is easy, practical and easy to place so you can wear a riding helmet at the same time.



Aloe Vera has a myriad of good properties that also shine through in CURA NO. 1 Horse shampoo. Aloe Vera gives i.a. a vitamin boost, and contains, among other things, A, C, E, various B vitamins and minerals such as calcium, iron, zinc and magnesium.

In addition, Aloe Vera is loaded with amino acids, which is a very important for the horse, as well as a number of fatty acids, which reduce the risk of allergies and lower the fat in the blood.

Aloe Vera is an alkaline plant that helps the body’s acid / base balance, and in addition, the plant strengthens the immune system through the content of antioxidants. Furthermore, Aloe Vera has a healing effect on the skin and is therefore effective against wounds, insect bites, skin abrasions, eczema and other skin disorders.

When horses’ tails itch, it is a good idea to wash one in shampoo with Aloe Vera as this has a soothing, pain-relieving and itchy effect. In addition, it can stabilize the skin and reduce dandruff and oily tail root.

Aloe Vera and CURA NO. 1, originates in France, where it is extracted in its purest form.


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